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Velocity Trader FAQ | Your Velocity Options Trader Questions Answered

I’ve had a lot of questions come in about our Velocity Trader program.

Instead of answering them one by one – I’ve put together an FAQ.

If you’re on the fence about joining – you’ll want to read this.

How Much Trading Experience Do You Need?

Velocity Trader is a complete follow along program that simply requires you to place the issues trade with your broker.

You don’t have to know to how to perform any type of analysis or understand how volatility works or understand any technical indicators.

When you get a trade signal – you just follow our instructions and take a position.

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How Much Capital Do You Need To Get Started?

This is an options trading program, and it’s designed for small accounts. The average option we focus on trades for $3 per share or $300 per contract.

With a position size of 10% per trade – you could start with $3-5,000.

AND, with the return numbers we’ve put up – your account won’t be small for long.

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How Many Trades Can I Expect?

We typically identify 1 to 2 potential trade opportunities each week on average.

The frequency of trades is partly dependent on market conditions. That means we’ll never send you a trade signal just because we’re “due” for one.

You’ll only get the best – high profit / low risk – entries.

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How Long Are Velocity Trades On Average?

These opportunities play out quickly. There’s no specific number of days the trade is held. The average tends to run about 2 weeks or less.

If a trade is held for longer than 10 trading sessions, we will evaluate it and determine what action if any should be taken over the next few days.

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Unlock The Power Of High Velocity Alignments For Rapid Returns Of 196%… 282%… 316%… Or More!

It’s a scary moment. A stock is dropping fast. There’s seemingly no floor in sight. If you buy now, are you getting in at a bargain?

Or are you catching a falling knife?

Many of the great fortunes in the market have been made by guys with the insight – and the balls – to pick a bottom. They knew the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets. If you’d bought at the bottom in March, 2009 – you’d be rich today.


If there’s one skill above any other that sets apart the broke from the billionaires

This Is It

For the last week Todd Mitchell has been sharing videos on a unique trading program. The entire strategy is designed to find those scary – but highly profitable moments. When Amazon stopped dropping on April 27th, 2016…

Giving you a 196% return in 48 hours.
Or when Activision Blizzard bounced on June 27th…

Giving you a 230% return in 4 days.

Now you’re going to finally have the power to capture those returns.

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The market had 58 of these High Velocity Alignment trades in 2016.
It’s had another 6 so far in 2017. Of those 64 alignments – 71.88% of them have ended in profit… With average returns of 134% on the winners… While only losing 45% on the losers…
If you’d invested $1,000 in all 64 positions – you’d have earned $53,540 in profit. With a $10,000 investment – you’d be looking at a life changing $535,400!

The only question is – will you be ready when the next one strikes?

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High Velocity Alignment | 53x In 14 Months

I want to tell you about a weird market phenomenon known as a…

High Velocity Alignment

On May 18th an alignment struck in Lam Research (LRCX). Just 9 days later the stock was up 13.66% and LRCX options were up 316.17%. Every $1,000 you invested would have been up $3,161.

The market had 58 High Velocity Alignments in 2016.

It’s had another 6 so far in 2017.
Of those 64 alignments – 71.88% of them have ended in profit…With average returns of 134% on the winners…While only losing 45% on the losers…If you’d invested $1,000 in all 64 positions – you’d have earned $53,540 in profit. With a $10,000 investment – you’d be looking at a life changing $535,400!

Now you can find out how it works…

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Once its gone – it won’t be coming back anytime soon. If you miss it – you’ll never discover how to spot and trade profitable High Velocity Alignments. So you’ll never earn 316% in 9 days.
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High Velocity Alignment Market Phenomenon | A 137.86% Return In 12 Days?

On February 3rd, 2017 two primal forces came together in Amazon (AMZN). By February 15th – the stock was up 5.84%. Amazon call options were up much more – at a 137.86% return.

A $1,000 investment would have had you up $1,378 in just twelve days. Not 1 trader in 1,000 could have spotted the opportunity in advance.

You’re about to meet the ONE who can.

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Once you’ve seen this free video series you’ll look at the market differently. You’ll gain the power to spot these rare – explosive – stock events.

And yes…

You’ll be able to trade them for your own account – with wins like:

230% in 4 days.
259% in 18 days.
282% in 14 days.


339% in 4 days.

This video won’t be up for long – you NEED to check it out now.

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Velocity Trader by Trading Concepts is coming soon…

Velocity Trader Strategy by Trading Concepts is a brand new trading system.

The creator of the system was formerly a hedge fund manager. During that time, he turned $20 million of investor money into $740 million within just 10 years.

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