Velocity Trader FAQ | Your Velocity Options Trader Questions Answered

I’ve had a lot of questions come in about our Velocity Trader program. Instead of answering them one by one – I’ve put together an FAQ. If you’re on the fence about joining – you’ll want to read this. How Much Trading Experience Do You Need? Velocity Trader is a complete follow along program that … Read more

Unlock The Power Of High Velocity Alignments For Rapid Returns Of 196%… 282%… 316%… Or More!

It’s a scary moment. A stock is dropping fast. There’s seemingly no floor in sight. If you buy now, are you getting in at a bargain? Or are you catching a falling knife? Many of the great fortunes in the market have been made by guys with the insight – and the balls – to … Read more

High Velocity Alignment | 53x In 14 Months

I want to tell you about a weird market phenomenon known as a… High Velocity Alignment On May 18th an alignment struck in Lam Research (LRCX). Just 9 days later the stock was up 13.66% and LRCX options were up 316.17%. Every $1,000 you invested would have been up $3,161. The market had 58 High … Read more

High Velocity Alignment Market Phenomenon | A 137.86% Return In 12 Days?

On February 3rd, 2017 two primal forces came together in Amazon (AMZN). By February 15th – the stock was up 5.84%. Amazon call options were up much more – at a 137.86% return. A $1,000 investment would have had you up $1,378 in just twelve days. Not 1 trader in 1,000 could have spotted the … Read more

Velocity Trader by Trading Concepts is coming soon…

Velocity Trader Strategy by Trading Concepts is a brand new trading system. The creator of the system was formerly a hedge fund manager. During that time, he turned $20 million of investor money into $740 million within just 10 years. Read Full Velocity Trader Review Here