Velocity Trader FAQ | Your Velocity Options Trader Questions Answered

I’ve had a lot of questions come in about our Velocity Trader program.

Instead of answering them one by one – I’ve put together an FAQ.

If you’re on the fence about joining – you’ll want to read this.

How Much Trading Experience Do You Need?

Velocity Trader is a complete follow along program that simply requires you to place the issues trade with your broker.

You don’t have to know to how to perform any type of analysis or understand how volatility works or understand any technical indicators.

When you get a trade signal – you just follow our instructions and take a position.

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How Much Capital Do You Need To Get Started?

This is an options trading program, and it’s designed for small accounts. The average option we focus on trades for $3 per share or $300 per contract.

With a position size of 10% per trade – you could start with $3-5,000.

AND, with the return numbers we’ve put up – your account won’t be small for long.

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How Many Trades Can I Expect?

We typically identify 1 to 2 potential trade opportunities each week on average.

The frequency of trades is partly dependent on market conditions. That means we’ll never send you a trade signal just because we’re “due” for one.

You’ll only get the best – high profit / low risk – entries.

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How Long Are Velocity Trades On Average?

These opportunities play out quickly. There’s no specific number of days the trade is held. The average tends to run about 2 weeks or less.

If a trade is held for longer than 10 trading sessions, we will evaluate it and determine what action if any should be taken over the next few days.

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