High Velocity Alignment | 53x In 14 Months

I want to tell you about a weird market phenomenon known as a…

High Velocity Alignment

On May 18th an alignment struck in Lam Research (LRCX). Just 9 days later the stock was up 13.66% and LRCX options were up 316.17%. Every $1,000 you invested would have been up $3,161.

The market had 58 High Velocity Alignments in 2016.

It’s had another 6 so far in 2017.
Of those 64 alignments – 71.88% of them have ended in profit…With average returns of 134% on the winners…While only losing 45% on the losers…If you’d invested $1,000 in all 64 positions – you’d have earned $53,540 in profit. With a $10,000 investment – you’d be looking at a life changing $535,400!

Now you can find out how it works…

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