The market phenomenon called “High Velocity Alignment”

“High Velocity Alignment” is a market phenomenon that took place 58 times in 2016 and… can be very profitable.

An example,

A) An alignment hit in Lam Research (LRCX) on May 18th.
B) 9 days later LRCX was up 13.66% and LRCX options were up 316.17%!
C) Each $1,000 that you invested would have gone up $3,161.

How about this year?

So far there have been 6 alignments this year. And of the 64 alignments since the beginning of 2016 71.88% have ended with a profit.

The average return on winners has been 134% while losers were down 45% on the average.

If you had invested $1,000 in all 64 positions your profit would have been $53,540.

And if you positions had been $10,000 each time your profit would have been an incredible $535,540!

Here is how it works…

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Learning how to spot High Velocity Alignments and then trade them for the sorts of profits mentioned could potentially change your life.

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