The Great Devaluation Event featuring Adam Baratta – the author of the best-selling financial book Gold Is A Better Way

Some would call Adam Baratta a “prophet of market trends.” In 2018, during the hottest stock market in history, he made a startling prediction. He said gold would beat every major index in the coming year. And he was right making his book Gold Is A Better Way the #1 financial book in America. Now, Adam is back with a new and even bolder prediction.

In this shocking presentation, Adam reveals why we’re in the biggest debt bubble in history, how we got here… and… what to expect next. He shows you how the FED is about to create a mad panic in the markets… how President Trump (with the swipe of his pen) will come to the rescue and could send gold prices off the charts.

And how this one move can protect and grow your retirement fund even if the debt bubble pops, stocks and bonds become virtually worthless, and the dollar drops like a lead balloon.

Adam Baratta’s FREE Webinar “The Great Devaluation” – Claim Your FREE Spot Here

Why Everyone With A 401(K) Or IRA Retirement Account Must Attend

Wall Street’s been feeding Main Street investors a pack of lies and lining their pockets at our expense. Unless you know the truth, you could end up at the mercy of a wild market.

Make sure you attend this Free Webinar and discover:

    • How President Trump… with the swipe of his pen… can turn gold into the most coveted and profitable investment of the next decade! (Best part: He can legally do this without having to get anyone’s permission, either. Not the FED’s. Not Congress. No one. It’s his call and his call alone… and… he’s about to make it.)

    • “The Trifecta of Financial Disaster”: How three interlinked events have lined up to create a devastating economic situation… that… will lead to the devaluation of paper assets! (If you only have money in stocks, bonds, treasuries and the like, you’re in for a rude awakening. Here’s what you must do now!)

    • A foolish move the FED is about to make that is almost guaranteed to start… what could become… the greatest sell-off in market history!

    • How Adam was able to predict the gold rally of 2017 with pinpoint precision… and… why his research points to a massive gold breakout over the next 12 months! (In fact, it’s already started and if you don’t get in now you could miss the boat again!)

Adam Baratta’s FREE Webinar “The Great Devaluation” – Claim Your FREE Spot Here

  • The truth about gold Wall Street hopes you never discover! (It’s why this so-called “bearish” asset is up 5.5 times in the last 20 years… while… the stock market is only up 2.5 times. But you’ll never hear that from brokers and financial planners.)

  • Why gold, of all investments, has outperformed the highest-flying stock market in history… by more than DOUBLE… and yet… nobody seems to notice this obvious fact!

  • How the “Smart Money” is positioning itself in the most undervalued asset in the world right before it explodes in value! (Regular investors who piggyback what the insiders are doing now can protect and grow their retirement while millions of other investors pay a hefty price!)
  • And much more!

Adam Baratta’s FREE Webinar “The Great Devaluation” – Claim Your FREE Spot Here