The Forever Portfolio Summit with Jeff Clark – What Is All About?

Today, we’re sharing an essay from our friend and master trader Jeff Clark…

Jeff has a professional track record that’s hard to beat, but he didn’t get there by following the crowd or making the kind of trades you’d expect to hear from the talking heads in mainstream finance.

In his own words, Jeff’s “a contrarian at heart,” and his trading strategy is so successful, it helped him become a millionaire at 42 years old… And on October 12, at 8 p.m. ET at Jeff Clark’s The Forever Portfolio Summit, Jeff is sharing an exclusive presentation on a life-altering investing strategy you can put into action, too.

Today, Jeff shares the unlikely secret to his success even in the toughest market environments.

Here’s Jeff…

It’s Much More of an Art Than a Science

I’ve been trading the market for over four decades.

I started when I was just 19 years old. Soon, I was managing money for some of California’s wealthiest residents. By the time I was 42, I was able to retire.

So, what do I credit for my success?

Well, it boils down to a bit of talent, a bit of luck, and a bit of knowledge. That knowledge includes an in-depth understanding of technical analysis (TA).

Technical analysis is simply a way of using patterns formed by market data (by studying price and volume) to identify trends and project future price movements.


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But, it’s much more of an art than a science. If you try to force it to conform to strict rules and formulas, it’ll be wrong almost all the time.

Instead, try thinking of TA the way I do – a chart of a stock (or index) and its technical indicators is an emotional picture of the stock at a specific moment in time. If I can go back in that picture and find a time where the conditions were similar, and note how the chart behaved afterwards, it can provide strong clues as to what to expect in the future.

But TA is emotional… It evolves. So, conditions that used to provide a catalyst for a big move or reversal may need to get more extreme to cause a similar movement the next time.

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Think about it this way…

When I first got married, I’d often come home from work, take off my socks, and drop them on the floor next to the couch in the living room. My wife would come home, see my socks on the floor, and get all ticked off about it. This happened over and over again.

Eventually, though, my wife got a little better about dealing with her slob of a husband, and I got a little better about not leaving my socks next to the couch. Leaving my socks on the floor no longer elicited the same reaction from my wife.


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She still had the same emotions. But she had adapted. She had evolved. She would need a bigger catalyst before getting upset with me – like when she found a dozen pairs of dirty socks tucked underneath the sofa.

Here’s my point…

A lot of my trading strategy revolves around finding emotionally overbought and oversold conditions that are ready to reverse. TA helps me identify conditions where investors’ emotions have gotten extreme, and where I can see how stocks have reacted to similar conditions in the past.

That’s how I’ve spotted a rare 12-day window that’s quickly approaching.

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