Jason Bond Picks Millionaire Roadmap | Thursday with Jason Bond Picks

Nathan Bear is a rising star (up $500K in 2018).

Nathan Bear and Bart Van put on a show in the Millionaire Roadmap chat room making nearly $15,000 and $6,000 respectively.

Nathan was on the mic teaching and streaming his TD Ameritrade account, showing the buys and sells LIVE for over 2-hours as he scored 100%+ on his TSLA lotto calls and Bart went 7 for 7 on his real-time alerts. Oh, and Jeff Bishop’s CMG calls were up over 300%! That’s back to back 300%+ wins for Jeff in the Weekly Money Multiplier, which is FREE in the Roadmap.

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Here’s Bart alerting his trades LIVE in chat, just 2 of his 7 for 7 performance Wednesday:

  • 06/06/2018 9:38 AM EST  Bart Van: in TSLA Jun08’18 310 CALL @2.76
  • 06/06/2018 9:41 AM EST  Bart Van: closed TSLA Jun08’18 310 CALL @3.85 +1090$ BAM
  • 06/06/2018 9:45 AM EST  Bart Van: in AXON@3.84
  • 06/06/2018 9:48 AM EST  Bart Van: add to AXON@3.74
  • 06/06/2018 9:53 AM EST  Bart Van: closed AXON@4.09 avg +1800$ BAM !


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And how about these amazing winners!

Jun 6, 3:24 PM hoang ngu: up 2500 on tsla!! on a 1 lot from YDAY

Jun 6, 3:23 PM travis rhi: 500 bucks baby

Jun 6, 3:25 PM jason hac: TSLA +3200 finally broke my 1k levels

Jun 6, 3:25 PM tony ber: Just paid off my Raging Bull subscriptions in one day!!

And the day before! We do this over and over baby!

Jun 5, 3:12 PM kelly mcm: I picked up KORS on Pradeeps alert, up $920 right now think I should get to a grand by EOD

Jun 5, 3:25 PM dorothy hay: and it brought me over the top today…finishing the day +5109…best day in a while

Jun 5, 3:33 PM thomas dee: 3 trades today for $3200, going to practice “Done for the day Dorothy” style.

Moving right along, Nathan will be LIVE on /off all day Thursday in the room. Here’s what I’ll be watching from my phone.

AETI and CLWT are my top Fibonacci setups headed into Friday. I tried CLWT Wednesday and made $600ish but the big win I’m looking for comes on a break of $6. I’m certain both have sizable short interest so keep them on watch. AETI is my favorite in play above $1.30 for a move to $2ish.

WATT is a swing I’ll put on before the weekend. I lost money on this swing earlier in the week but would like back in headed into Monday. This is a catalyst play based on their wireless charging technology that’s been approved by the FCC. The trade is in play above $16 for a move to $19 without news, middle $20’s with news.

CRON and DRYS are stocks I’m looking to short. I accurately predicted this run-up on CRON (from the watch list) into Canada’s legal weed vote and think it’ll have one last pop before it becomes a good short, regardless of the vote outcome. I’ll be looking to get short between $9 and $10, but depending on the price action may hold off until early next week so I don’t get squeezed. Bottom line, can’t buy here after I had it on the watch list in the $6’s and believe legal weed is priced in around $9 to $10, making it a good short. DRYS is another stock I’d like to short. Total scam and with the market topping I think this once could fall back to the middle $3’s, maybe even below there. Resistance is in the low $4’s so that becomes the stop loss.

Finally ZN is an oversold pattern I’m looking to buy above middle $2’s. It’s coming into strong support soon and has catalysts that could cause another huge spike. It’s also heavily short, so a bounce off the middle $2’s to the middle $3’s is very reasonable here. Might be a little early to the party so I’ll be patient but I’m watching closely daily now.

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