Jason Bond Picks Millionaire Roadmap | Is Nathan Bear the best trader at Raging Bull?

I saw something extraordinary happen this week.

Something I’ve never seen before!

I saw this guy dominate the market LIVE in front of 350+ of my highest paying clients like he was strolling through the park.

More importantly, my clients were able to crush it right along with this rising star.

Never mind he’s made OVER $500,000 in 2018 YTD, just 5 1/2 months into the year.

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Look what my clients said TODAY!

“Jason, for awhile I thought I would be crazy to pay so much to be in a chat room. But how wrong I was and am so appreciative for all the help that is brought to this room.” ~ Dave S.

“I’m up $3,500 today on a $21K account. Almost to $25K. Thanks Nathan for simplifying trading.” ~ Tony B.

“Thank you Jason for seeing Nathan’s potential.” ~ Kelly M.

“+$12,000 on FB calls.” ~ Francisco A.

“I’m up $9,000 this morning so far.” ~ Travis R.

“Out of FB a big ago for $1,360 ninja style.” ~ Joe O.

“Out of 2 NFLX contracts from yesterday $1,564, my first $1,000 day, thanks everyone.” ~ Terry M.

“+$2,550 on FB, I’m starting to pick up on this everyone.” ~ Terry M.

“@Nate I made $1,530 on the FB call, thanks.” ~ Monica C.

“Out remaining FB calls +140%, up $12,200 overall, so stoked, need to walk away!” ~ Travis R.

“Sold NFLX and SPX +$3,525.” ~ Daniel B.

“So incredible that I can hardly believe. On May 1 my account was $42,000 and today it’s $149,000! Thank you all for the incredible support and learning.” ~ Francisco A.

“JB thank you for putting together a wonderful community.” ~ Gerald T.

“A total of $1,200 today on FB.” ~ Kelly M.

“$8,000 FAST on NAKD, thanks JB.” ~ Anthony V.

“$1,378 on NAKD in a few minutes, THANK YOU JB.” ~ Neil R.

“NAKD just paid for my holiday trip, only trade I’ve make this week, thanks Jason.” ~ Tom D.

“Out NAKD +$3,500, thanks Jason.” ~ Teofilo B.

“Out NAKD +$5,000.” ~ Keith R.

“Up $1,300 on the day!!! Thank you Jason and Nathan!” ~ Derek B.

“@Nate, as much fun as I have been having I have closed all my positions, all positive on the day, with a realized profit of $5,021 and now I’m headed to work.” ~ Kelly M.

“Sold GOOGL & AAPL, back to 100% cash and up $5,477 on the day.” ~ Dorothy H.

“HUGE profit on NFLX +$13,300 AWESOME!” ~ Walter B.

Honestly, I think Nathan Bear might be the best trader and teacher of trading I’ve ever met. Stay tuned!

I have no sale for you tonight. I don’t think I’ll have a sale for quite some time. In fact, I’m only accepting applications right now.

But rest assured, I do NOT want you missing out on this guys alerts for much longer. So I will figure out a way to get you in front of him very soon, not to mention all the other great things we’re doing in this service.

[Ed. Note: Jason Bond runs JasonBondPicks.com and is a swing trader of small-cap stocks.  In 2015 he earned a 180% return on his money. Then in 2016 he turned a $100,000 account into $430,000! Discover How He Did It]