Jason Bond Picks Millionaire Roadmap | 1 Hack to Make $3K-$6K on Penny Stocks

Jason Bond Picks Millionaire Roadmap
Jason Bond Picks Millionaire Roadmap

Here’s 1 quick hack (only 3 simple steps) I used to make big gains trading penny stocks Monday.

Some as big as Isoray (ISR) which I bought at $.80 and sold above $1 for +25% +$6,143.76 in a matter of hours.

Step 1

In the opening hour of the market go to finviz.com and check the top gainers.

The free version will do just fine for this hack. I get Elite for $30 / month.

Here’s what that looks like on their homepage Monday.

All of Wall street from penny stocks (small caps) to the big boys (large caps).


Step 2

At lunch time between noon and 1 p.m. ET pull up an intraday chart on any of the names under $7 looking for bull flag or bull pennant continuation patterns.

Finviz.com doesn’t do 1-minute 1-day charts (to my knowledge) so use your broker software.

E*TRADE Pro and TD Ameritrade thinkorswim does this easily on the phone app too.

Remember, needs to be an intraday 1-minute 1-day chart showing a bull flag or bull pennant continuation pattern.

See Penny Stocks 101 (FREE) if you don’t know what those are.

After finding the appropriate intraday pattern, buy off the demand line.

Step 3

Monitor the trade, taking a loss if the demand line (bottom of bull flag) you bought off of breaks down.

Or profit on 1/2 if the stock heads to the supply line (top of bull flag) letting 1/2 ride ride for the bull flag continuation breakout.

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Some don’t work out like Benitec (BNTC) but many do. Here’s some of my trading from Monday.

That’s my quick and easy hack to gaming Wall Street’s hottest stocks each and every day.

Just 1 big winner like Isoray would pay for years of your subscription to my most popular service.

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Be advised, stocks up 100-300% on the day often do offerings after the close or the following morning making this hack more of an afternoon momentum trade. If I swing the position, it’s only a small piece after having locked up half ideally around 20%+. I cover this in detail in The Basics of Swing Trading DVD which is FREE when you SAVE 25% here.