High Velocity Alignment | How Would You Like A 1,116x Multiple In 4 Years?

In early April, 2016 – nobody was paying attention to Tyson Foods (TSN). Then – on April 22nd – two primal market forces collided in the stock.
By May 9th it was up 12.44% – TSN Call Options were up 259%…to watch this trade in action watch this VIDEO.

There were 58 opportunities like it in 2016. If you’d invested 10% of your capital in each trade… You’d have earned $47,849 – or a one year return of 478%. If those performance numbers hold up…

You could potentially multiply your account by 33.4x in two years. In three years you’d potentially have a 193x multiple. In four years – it might be 1,116x.

That’s enough to turn every $1,000 into a life changing $1,116,000!

Now you can find out how it all works.

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Let’s do a quick thought experiment. Take the dollar value of your portfolio – however much it is. Then multiply it by 1,116. I bet the number you’re looking at is pretty big, isn’t it? That number could solve a lot of problems in your life, couldn’t it?

With the power of High Velocity Alignments – that number just might be possible. We’ve recorded a few videos explaining the strategy.

They won’t be up for much longer – so…

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High Velocity Alignment | 53x In 14 Months

I want to tell you about a weird market phenomenon known as a…

High Velocity Alignment

On May 18th an alignment struck in Lam Research (LRCX). Just 9 days later the stock was up 13.66% and LRCX options were up 316.17%. Every $1,000 you invested would have been up $3,161.

The market had 58 High Velocity Alignments in 2016.

It’s had another 6 so far in 2017.
Of those 64 alignments – 71.88% of them have ended in profit…With average returns of 134% on the winners…While only losing 45% on the losers…If you’d invested $1,000 in all 64 positions – you’d have earned $53,540 in profit. With a $10,000 investment – you’d be looking at a life changing $535,400!

Now you can find out how it works…

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This video series will ONLY be up for a few more days.

Once its gone – it won’t be coming back anytime soon. If you miss it – you’ll never discover how to spot and trade profitable High Velocity Alignments. So you’ll never earn 316% in 9 days.
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High Velocity Alignment Market Phenomenon | A 137.86% Return In 12 Days?

On February 3rd, 2017 two primal forces came together in Amazon (AMZN). By February 15th – the stock was up 5.84%. Amazon call options were up much more – at a 137.86% return.

A $1,000 investment would have had you up $1,378 in just twelve days. Not 1 trader in 1,000 could have spotted the opportunity in advance.

You’re about to meet the ONE who can.

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Once you’ve seen this free video series you’ll look at the market differently. You’ll gain the power to spot these rare – explosive – stock events.

And yes…

You’ll be able to trade them for your own account – with wins like:

230% in 4 days.
259% in 18 days.
282% in 14 days.


339% in 4 days.

This video won’t be up for long – you NEED to check it out now.

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When These Mysterious Forces Collide We Get Explosive Option Returns

In the final months of 2016 – Facebook stock was all over the place. It traded up – down – and sideways.
Beneath the surface two primal market forces were at work…
Fighting to control the stock’s direction…

On December 30th – these forces collided.

What happened next was shocking. Facebook popped 8.32% by January 10th. FB Call Options were up 235.06% in just 11 days. A $1,000 investment would have paid you $2,350 in less than two weeks.

And the crazy thing? These events happen all the time.

You just need to know where to find them…

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Velocity Options Trader Chart
Velocity Options Trader Chart

Very few traders know about this phenomenon. Even fewer can spot it at work in a stock… before an explosive 196%… 228%… or 339% move happens.

Now you can find out how it works BEFORE the next event strikes.

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