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Kyle Dennis FAST 5 Trades: Did You Miss Out On This 65% Winner In JNUG?

It’s been a tough market out there. Stocks had their worst one-week selloff since the global financial crisis, and market participants are taking it on the chin.

If you’ve been beaten down by the market, don’t fret… because I want to show you there are ways to make money in this environment. In order to put you in a position to succeed, I want to bring to your attention one of my best profit buckets — Fast 5 Trades.

So what’s Fast 5 trades?

It’s my answer to how to find winners in this market environment… like my 65% gain in JNUG calls on Monday.

This market environment is so different from what it was just a few months ago, and buying the dip hasn’t been working out for many market participants. Instead of randomly jumping into stocks just because they’re moving…

I’ve found success by picking my spots and putting my money in my single best trade idea for the week.

Today, I want to walk you through my latest Fast 5 Trades winner in JNUG, and prove to you that sometimes, all you need is just one trade idea a week.

[Exposed] How I Uncovered A 65% Winner In JNUG

On Monday, stocks got smoked, as the S&P 500 suffered one of its worst single-day drops in history. With the market down about 10%, I knew I had to be locked and loaded to find my best idea for the week. The goal is to get in on Monday and lock in double-digit (or better) returns before Friday.

As I scoured through hundreds of stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and exchange-traded notes (ETNs), I found one trade idea that made the most sense: Direxion Daily Junior Gold Mine (JNUG). Why?

Well, the Fed cut its benchmark interest rate to a range between 0% to 0.25%. In a low interest-rate environment, gold-related plays have a high-probability of going up. You see, this makes gold stocks more attractive because other safe havens (bonds) won’t yield as much.

In turn, one would expect the demand to pour into gold stocks.

The thing is… no stocks were safe amidst the bloodbath. JNUG got destroyed and lost more than 90% of its value in just a few weeks. Now, the one thing to note about JNUG is the fact it’s a 3X leveraged ETN. In other words, it’s a risky play.

The ETN aims to track 300% of the performance of the MVIS Global Junior Gold Miners Index, which provides exposure to micro- and small-cap gold and silver mining companies.

Well, if you think about it… when the market is selling off and a low interest rate in place, this was a high-probability setup in my eyes, although risky. Rather than buying JNUG outright, I wanted to properly risk manage the trade.

The Play

So what did I decide to do?

I purchased the calls. That way, I maximize my upside potential, while reducing my downside risk (it’s known right off the bat, and the most I could lose was the premium paid).

Once I found the play and had a thesis… I let Fast 5 clients know about my moves.

I purchased 50 JNUG March 20 $6 calls for $1.44. There were just 4 days left until the expiration date, and that specific trade was perfect for Fast 5 Trades.

Here’s what happened with the trade…

JNUG got a nice pop… and in under an hour, those calls EXPLODED!

I was able to lock in a 65% return on those calls, and my target was hit!

However, I wasn’t the only one who banked on this setup…

With Fast 5 Trades, you don’t have to worry about what the overall market is doing.

That’s the beauty of this trading strategy, all you have to do is focus on the one trade you’re in.

After it’s closed out, you can just go about your week. Let Fast 5 Trades be your edge in the market, and sign up here.

[Ed.note: Kyle Dennis runs He is an event-based trader, who prefers low-priced and small-cap biotech stocks.


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State Of The Market – Kyle Dennis reveals a “real” flight to safety in this bear market

The coronavirus has crippled the global economy and pushed stocks into bear market territory. Of course, world governments are doing the best they can to contain the virus and protect the economy. However, the market is so irrational right now… and many are looking for a flight to safety.

In surprise action, the Federal Reserve cut its benchmark rate by a full percentage point and pledged to buy $700 billion in bonds (good ol’ fashion quantitative easing) to stimulate the economy.

Not only that, but the Fed has made it extremely cheap for banks to borrow money… and they believe it could revive the stock market. However, that action did the exact opposite, as stocks hit limit down, yet again.

Typically, when headlines like those come across the tape — markets should be gapping up. That just goes to show you how broken the market really is at these levels.

If you’re looking for ways to park your cash and generate alpha in this wacky market… you may want to think again with gold, silver, or Treasuries — as they too have been damaged by the coronavirus last week.






The “Real” Flight To Safety?

by Kyle Dennis

Instead, I’ve discovered a “real” flight to safety that’s directly benefitted my account and performance in this bear market.

It’s A Trader’s Market, And Here’s What’s Working For Me

If you’re struggling in this market environment… don’t beat yourself up and just take a step back to assess what you could do to protect your portfolio and assets. For me, I think the best defense is offense — and that means I’m not looking to pile into the traditional safe havens.


Well, the traditional safe havens been acting like they are expected to when there’s an ongoing crisis.

Just take a look at the chart above. You’ve got the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY), followed by the gold-tracking ETF (GLD), then the silver-tracking ETF (SLV), and lastly, the long-term Treasury bond ETF (TLT).

If you look at the traditional safe havens — GLD, SLV, and TLT… they actually sold off amidst the stock selloff. That’s a signal that the market is in a very fragile state.

Instead of searching for safe havens… I’ve been highly selective with my trades and only taking high-probably setups (profit bucks I’ve used to make money before). In times like this, I’ve found trading stocks and options with a clear-cut plan has been extremely profitable…

Just 2 trading weeks into March, I was able to rattle off more than $250K in real-money profits.

The Best Defense Is Offense

Let me show you how it works.

On March 10 at 10:34 AM, I actually pulled up NVTA, and noticed that the stock was relatively weak against the broader market.

Based on that price action, I bought 50 NVTA March 20 $15 Puts at an average price of $0.61. That trade cost me about $3,050 to put on.

Well, guess what happened just 2 days after I entered the trade?

The market was set to gap down significantly! This was great because the only thing that I held in my “portfolio” was one put and cash.

Here’s what NVTA looked like that day…

Of course, shortly after the market open, I decided to take my profits off the table, as those NVTA puts were going for $2.00! That $3,050 bet turned into $10,000, or approximately $6,950 in real-money profits!

In just 2 days, I was able to lock down a 233% winner.

In addition to that profit bucket, I’m also looking for catalyst event plays. In other words, stocks poised to move based on an upcoming event, fundamental change, whatever the case may be. I’ll be revealing my plans for what I think could be the biggest opportunity in decades… click below to tune in.

Join this room on Tuesday, March 17th at 2PM ET.